When you first sign-in to Sentimently you'll have to connect your Facebook account. When you've connected your Facebook account, you can add the Facebook pages that you'd like to be moderated by Sentimently.

Connect Sentimently to Facebook

  • Click on the Sign in with Facebook button to connect your Facebook account.
  • Select the pages you'd like to give permissions for. It's recommended to select all your Facebook pages here, as they are not added to Sentimently directly and they don't add up towards your Sentimently account limit. 
  • Review the permissions Sentimently needs to perform its services and click done. It's good to know that Facebook explicitly reviewed the permissions we ask for and they approved this as valid usage.
  • You've now linked Sentimently to your Facebook account and gave it the right permissions.

Note: your Facebook access token, that is generated when you give Sentimently the required permissions, is saved in AES-GCM encrypted format so it can never be compromised.

Add your Facebook pages to Sentimently

After connecting your Facebook account, you're redirected back to Sentimently. 

  • Click on the +Add button to start adding your Facebook pages to Sentimently.
  • Select a Facebook page from the dropdown and click Add page to connect it to Sentimently. The pages you add here count towards your account limit. You can later remove Facebook pages at any time from Sentimently.
  • When you add the Facebook page Sentimently will import the existing comments from the last 30 days and process these using the sentiment analysis algorithm.